Why It’s Okay To Be Multi-Passionate

I hear it all the time, “it’s not good that you do so many things, you should just choose one” or “imagine how much success you could have if you just focused on one passion?”

While I can appreciate the theory behind these statements, I hardly agree. And if you’re a multi-passionate woman, I have your back on why you’re on the right path and how you can still find massive success.

In my opinion, having a variety of passions and pursuing them simultaneously not only builds an immense amount of drive and character, but also broadens your scope of experience faster.  The skill set you gain in one area can definitely translate over into another and bring you to new heights as you streamline the two. Not only are the various experiences valuable, but so are the connections.  If you honed in on just one passion, you could miss out on a whole lot of opportunity and connection with other people who could assist in getting you to the next level.

And of course, my favorite part of being multi-passionate, it’s much more challenging to experience burnout.  When you are stimulated by many different pursuits, you aren’t limiting your energy to one place and the stressors that come with it and it’s easier to not dwell in stressors when you are constantly changing your environments and surroundings.

However, being multi-passionate certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.  It takes an extreme amount of time management, prioritization, and knowledge about self-care and energy cycles.

I will share with you ways to master each.


The infamous “to-do” lists.

No surprise here, getting organized and having a plan is an absolute MUST when your life is gridlocked with obligations.  Having to-do lists that act as your personal assistant is super helpful to maintain afloat in the chaos that can quickly drown you if you don’t take control.

So what should go on your to-do list?  How should you set it up to reap the most benefits?

First, create a list that is a complete brain dump.  Take all the thoughts and obligations, in no order, and just put them on paper.  This will release the intensity and clutter in your mind.  Next, take that list and separate out what it most important—either a family matter or a task that is time sensitive and put a star next to them.  Now, create three lists : WEEK, MONTH, MISC.

Look at your tasks and start to organize them onto one of these lists.  Keep in mind weekly tasks that are routine, such as laundry and groceries.  Okay, now write out the days of the week and put THREE tasks per day.  This is manageable and is a quality number.  It’s small enough where you can actually accomplish what you write for the day, but large enough to hack away at your overall list. You can reference your “month” list to make your “week” lists so that you are sure to get done all the tasks you want to accomplish in baby bites instead of overwhelming yourself with feeling like you have to get it all done in a day or procrastinating until the end of the month. Save your MISC list for tasks that aren’t urgent but are still weighing on your mind, you know the ones.  This still gives your mind a rest from thinking about it knowing it’s on the radar, but also doesn’t take up priority.  This list can be used to fill space and extra time as it comes.


Find time for yourself.

People have this notion that “self-care” time has to be extravagant and time consuming, but I think small, quality time is just as effective to recharge your energy.  In fact, I prefer smaller self-care outlets because I don’t like to sit still for too long, so they are just perfect to get me re-centered and ready to take on the next without getting too agitated.  But always do what you feel is best for you!

However, traveling further distances or getting lengthy times off aren’t always in the cards, so let’s talk about how to find those pockets of time within the average lifestyle. Set aside time in the morning or night, about 20 minutes, to dedicate to something you truly enjoy that is not related to your work.  Taking this time will get your creativity back in check.  When you can indulge in something you love, it relaxes the body and mind, opening up more creative channels.  This can also be the epiphany of problem solving.

I like to take at least one “stay-cation” a week.  Lock myself in my favorite coffee shop, visit the local library, go to a solo dinner, whatever it is.  Something that immerses you in a peaceful environment and gives you a break from the rush of your daily routine.

On a daily, moment to moment basis, find a stress release outlet that you can reference when needed. For me, it’s driving.  So when I’m commuting from job to job, my driving time is my “me-time.”  I grab my coffee, I play my favorite music, and I totally zone out.  This could look different for everyone, some people may prefer meditating, reading a book, etc.  Whatever it is, an easy go-to stress release to tap into daily is a MUST to stay sane.


Use your time wisely.

There are small pockets of time within the day that many people let just pass them by.  If you are multi-passionate this cannot happen. Each pocket of “free time” is essential to get those small, busy tasks done. Anything from meal prepping your lunch for tomorrow or answering emails, any task that doesn’t require a whole lot of intensity or brain power, get it done when you have the chance.  This will save you SO MUCH time in the long run and also not take away from the bigger chunks of valuable time that you can utilize more when you aren’t wasting it on smaller, mundane tasks. I like to track my days and see when these times come up consistently and start setting reminders of what I want to start getting done during those times.  Once you find them, they become the essential keys to keeping your schedule in check.


If you utilize these strategies, you will one hundred percent dominate your multi-passionate lifestyle.  You will have people in awe of your ability to hustle hard and still thrive.  The most important part is that you love it.  When you are working out of love, the inevitable stress will feel different.  I know you got this! Xo