From Burnt Out To On Fire

Burnout is real and sadly a state that most people have found themselves content living in.  From attempting to keep up with constant demands, neglecting to take care of yourself, or feeling disempowered by those around you, your energy can deplete fast and furious.  Before you know it, you’re constantly agitated, you lose all sense of passion and creativity, and your thirst for life has vanished.  It can be scary to recognize this feeling within yourself, that’s for sure.
However, there is a solution and that solution lies within yourself.  To shift out of burnout and get back to feeling on fire, well, that’s all in your control!  YOU determine how you want to feel.  YOU determine your next move.  YOU determine what you will and will not accept.

Below are some ways you can shift instantly from a place of hopelessness to opportunity.

Rediscover your passion.

Just as you outgrow your shoes, clothes, and taste in music- passion works the same way.  What you were passionate about five years ago may not uphold anymore as you have evolved and experienced more in life.  The more you grow through what you experience, the more perception you gain.  This can shift you into feeling driven towards another calling in life.  No one said you have to choose just one mission and stay there; in fact, it’s not human nature to do so.  Therefore, burnout can come from a mismatch in what you are doing in your current career to your new-found calling.  Obviously, it’s not practical to up and leave your current job to chase your new dream because there are bills to pay, families to provide for, meals to put on the table.  The best you can do at this point is to recognize this shift within yourself and stay grateful for what you are currently doing.  You can still be grateful for what you have while working towards what you want.  This is where it’s important to start seeing how you can connect the present and future. Is there a way to bring what you want to be doing into your current position/company?  Are you able to work on your new-found passion on the side in addition to your current job?  The more you can involve yourself in your new passion, the less trapped you will feel in your current routine.  Every experience is connected, so appreciate where you are for giving you the tools to tackle the next vision!

Create a vision board.

Do you have access to Pinterest?  This is one of the best visual tools to use to instantly shift into a state of creativity.  There’s a beautiful feature on there where you can create a private board, so open one up and start pinning.  Just start scrolling and pinning images that spark an emotional or creative outlet within you.  It doesn’t have to be themed or specific, this should be a task of impulse.  The less you think about it, the better.  As we all know, passion knows no patience.  Passion isn’t meant to be thought out diligently because it’s an intuitive reaction.  Pin, pin, pin.  Give yourself about 20 minutes.  Then, when the time is up, look back at your board.  This will show you what you were intuitively drawn to and you might start to see a thread of connectivity within the images that can give you a little more insight into what you are being called to do.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow.

This is a BIG one.  Not many people realize that the circle in which they immerse themselves in has a huge affect on their well-being.  You can learn to set tighter boundaries and love people from a distance if need be, because if your current circle isn’t supportive of your new vision, then that will put water right over that tiny, emerging flame.  In fact, if that tiny flame isn’t yet a fire, maybe keep it on the DL for a bit until you feel more confident in defending your new vision when hate is being thrown on it.  In this situation, where you are feeling resistance from others, be aware that change makes people uncomfortable, even when it’s not their own.  They could be fearing your need for change out of love.  So take the love and leave the rest.  Stand for what you believe in and find others who will support your new vision and want to help you get there.