Meet Sahara Santos: International Women Suits Designer & Trey Songz Collaborator

Hello Everyone,
     Ms.Sahara Santos is the 25 year old Brazilian bombshell that I had the pleasure of connecting with a few months ago. With her consistent dedication towards her academic/educational career, it leaves her schedule very tied up, & busy! However,  after remaining very patient and diligent, we got this great exclusive interview from Ms.Santos herself. International model, designer, & business woman hailing from the U.K. (United Kingdom)  I hope everyone enjoys our interview on how she got to such a prosperous point in her career & life.
Donnel:  How did you connect with the UK’s leading ethnic model international agency Charles and Ko Models?
Sahara: I have always been a friend of Charles himself and he always wanted to sign me, so one day I decided to take the chance, & since that day it has been the best decision I have ever made! The Agency takes really good care of me and their always extremely professional.
Donnel:  How long have you been a fashion designer, & what lead to the ability of you being seen actually drawing-creating the designs
yourself as displayed on your Instagram?
Sahara: I have always designed my ladies suits for a while now, and only 2 years ago I went back to a College-University to finish my degree in fashion design, so going back to school, & studying has made me a better designer and has made me see myself more of an artist than anything.
Donnel:  Can you tell us a bit more about your upcoming event, “The Ballers Private Afterparty”, hosted by,
Charlesandko, & whats your involvement in the event?
Sahara: Oh that event is always good fun, I rarely go out, but if it’s a Charles & Ko party, or event I am always there to support the family. 
Donnel : What inspired you to start picking out your own fabrics & threads as a designer as displayed on your Instagram? 
Sahara: Anything inspires me, I am a fan of colors, & anything that looks beautiful attracts me. Fabrics are the same, anything that feels good to the touch, I love it!
Donnel : Did you attend Vogue’s 100th year anniversary & if so how was it?
Sahara: Yes I did ! I went to the exhibition, & it was incredible to see such progress and success under one roof, Vogue’s 100th anniversary is one of those events you have to honor by attending, if you are involved in Fashion, Beauty, & Photography.
Donnel:  Can you give us details on what inspired the balmain trend board piece & final design project design for Gucci we see that’s displayed on your Instagram?
Sahara: That Trend board was just me playing around with “Trend Forecasting” as part of my college-university project. The Gucci design was my final line up for the collection I designed for them as a part of a unit.
Donnel : How was it working in the film, “The Intent” released in July 2016, & can you tell us more about how you got involved in that project?
is that the only film work you’ve done?


Sahara: The film was great fun to be in, so many talented individuals and so many professionals. I felt really comfortable being filmed until everybody started sending me short clips of my Jacuzzi scene after the movie was out, specially on Nextflix! Lol!
Donnel:  Can you tell us how was it participating in London Fashion Week, & what exactly your involvement was in the prestigious annual event?
Sahara: I was working with Emilio de la Morena , a great designer with a lot of background knowledge in fashion. He has 10 years under his belt! I was lucky to work along side his design team in the studio ,and I was very hands on with the behind the scenes of the show. It was chaotic, but I was so privileged to see through my own eyes what I can also achieve!
Donnel:  Can you tell me how did you first start creating concept boards, & learning that skill set? Has the ability to draw always come natural to you, or
was it a practiced craft you got good at over time? 

Sahara: My College-University taught me everything i didn’t know.  Anything to do with the design process is thanks to the fact that i learned it at the university I attended. I can design anything, but in terms of more concept garments, that took a little more time to master it, but I got there in the end!
Donnel:  Can you explain to us how you became involved & affiliated with the popular group, Taz’s Angels?
Sahara: (HaHaHa) It’s really not as bad as it sounds, I was vacationing on a holiday break in Miami a few years back, and Leena hit up me asking if I wanted to go out to the club with them? So i said yes! I had a great time, drank, and danced until i couldn’t feel my feet anymore.  I really like the girls, and I loved spending time with them, they are crazy fun! Taz himself is cool, laid back, and a very smart individual.  
Donnel :  If you were born in Brazil, when did the transition to the UK happen for you?  

Sahara: I came to England in 2003! This is my home! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Brazil is beautiful but dangerous, there’s nothing better than to walk freely outside your home without being scared of getting robbed or kidnapped!
Donnel: How was it playing the lead role in Trey Songz, “Foreign” & “SmartPhone” video?  

Sahara: It was more than a dream come true! I once saw Trey Songz performing in Birmingham and I said to myself “One day I’m going to be in one of his music videos”, and after 4 long years of focusing on my modelling, he hit me up on Instagram asking if i would like to be a part of his new up and coming project. That’s when i hit up Charles with the amazing news (Hahaha) when I found out I was going to be the leading lady for both music videos! I was extremely grateful for the opportunity and very happy to have achieved one of my dreams.
Donnel:  Did you ever end up working with FUSE ODG & Sean Paul?
Sahara: Yes again, I was the lead role for one of Sean Paul’s projects, he is such a cool dude!!! I had so much fun shooting in Miami! My second home, I like to think sometime. I was again most humbled for the opportunity thanks to Charles & KO.
Donnel :  How did you end up connecting with “The Jumpoff” TV Networks? 

Sahara: Oh, “The JumpOff”, is the reason why I got to where i am today! The guys always pushed me to get myself out there, doing more and more modelling and any acting, they still do to this day! Always grateful to call them my friends! They are awesome people.
Donnel: What’s next in 2017 & beyond for the Sahara Santos brand? 
Sahara: Ok so, I still have to finish my final year at my college-university, and as much as I want to launch my brand, I have to finish my degree, otherwise I will never do it. Lol.  I will be working on my brand as part of my final year at my university, so when I graduate next May, that’s when i will also launch the, “Sahara Santos Suits” brand!!!
I apologies to everyone for waiting around for me, I have people who are ready to buy it and wear it. but I have to do this for myself, and I have to do it right! Not just for me, but for my family! Majority of the ladies in my family have degrees in business, accounting, & etc…
My godmother puts me to shame with her 6 masters, & 1 PHD in “International Business and Finance”.  So I have to, and I must graduate so i can say I did it! Apart from that i will be looking to transform my brand image from Sahara Santos-the model, & actress to Sahara Santos, the owner of a  women’s suits company.
Sahara Santos Contact:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamsaharasantos
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsaharasantos/?hl=en
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/saharasantos?lang=en
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6144341/