Mrs.Nikki Burnett: LifeTime TV’s “Bringing Up Ballers”

Lifetime TV’s promo ad for “Bringing Up Ballers”
Mrs.Nikki Burnett from Lifetime TV’s “Bringing Up Ballers”

Special thanks to Mr.Cortri Trotter (Cortri Trotter Productions) for his professionalism! We are here today on GirlMuch with an exclusive interview with, Ms.Nikki Burnett, one of the leading reality stars & stand out entrupenuers of LifeTime TV’s newest series, “Bringing Up Ballers”-http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/bringing-up-ballers .

Check out Nikki’s exclusive content with the site below. The  CEO of GirlMuch, Ms.Briea Chanel, & I had her touch on a variety of topics that we know her supporters will be interested in with this tag team exclusive interview. Enjoy!

Q&A  Exclusive Interview with Ms.Nikki Burnett (http://www.nikkiburnettthebrand.com/) :

(Mrs.Nikki Burnett & Donnel Perry aka Prophet Amen Ra at the Black Women’s Expo 2017)

Donnel:  Why did you decide to take down the Twin Tower Hooplyfe photo shoot with Johanna, & do you feel social media plays a big part in your decisions as a mother & brand ?


Nikki: I decided to take down the photos because my family had a major issue with it and my husband received calls

from coaches that expressed their opinions on how the photos can affect Nimari’s reputation with college coaches as well as teammates. 

Social media definitely plays a major part in my brand as well as being a mother. Whatever I choose to put out to the world can have either a positive or negative effect on my son. If I see that anything I do, affects him in a negative light, I can’t and won’t do it! Period!
(Mrs.Nikki Brunett & Donnel Perry aka Prophet Amen Ra)
Donnel: Do you have any favorite basketball teams or players (men or women) ?

I will always keep it ?! #PayHomage #NeverForget #Loyalty #AintNoSecondChances

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Nikki:My favorite basketball players are Lebron James & Stephen Curry…he (Stephen) reminds me of Nimari. 

Humble, Talented, Child of God & loves his family. 
Tami Roman
Donnel Perry aka Prophet Amen Ra, Ms.Tami Roman, & GirlMuch.com Founder- Ms.Briea Chanel

Donnel: How did Tami Roman get involved with your Basketball Mom apparel brand?
Nikki: Tami Hosted the Basketball Mom & HoopLegend fashion show when I launched in the Spring of 2014.

Donnel: What are the plans for Nimari seeing he is about to enter a new chapter & coming

from being a nationally ranked player since the 5th grade?

Nikki: The plans for Nimari is simple…continue to work hard, 

get faster, stronger and remain humble. 


Donnel: Has the airing of “Bringing Up Ballers” changed anything in your life, & what made you decide
to work with Lifetime with this show concept?
(Nikki & Nimari Burnett at Windy City Live studios)
Nikki: Our lives has changed a bit…everywhere we go we are noticed by fans that’s excited to see us and wants to take pictures. 
Lifetime believed in us and was willing to give us a shot!
So deciding to work with them was a no-brainer. 
Donnel: What is the Leading Ladies of Chicago & CEO Chick Online ventures about? 
Promo shot of the Leading Ladies Of Chicago

Nikki: Leading Ladies Of Chicago is a group founded by myself, Chiquita White, owner of Kiwi’s Boutique & Celebrity Stylist, Jennifer Nashae. We host quarterly events that brings entrepreneurs together to Connect, Network & Empower one another. 

CEO Chick Network is an interactive master mind group of established and aspiring entrepreneurs in Orlando & Chicago. We have masterminds calls, retreats, courses, coaching & more!  
I’m a team player in every way & in everything I do. I think it’s vital to my success to be able to inspire others all while surrounding myself around smart, talented & hardworking women that I can learn from. We are who we surround ourselves around. 
(Ms.Nikki Burnett from Lifetime’s “Bringing Up Ballers & Donnel Perry aka Prophet Amen Ra pic#3)
Briea: How did your career as a Real Estate broker begin?

Nikki: My career in real estate started in 2005. 

I received my real estate salesperson license then
My brokers license in 2009. 
I specialize in Luxury Rentals, Investment properties 
in addition to commercial property. 

Briea: What’s a typical day like in the life of Nikki Burnett?

Nikki: A typical day in the life of Nikki B. starts at 6 a.m. with me taking my son to school. Followed by real estate showings, meetings, several conference calls & daily errands. My day is consumed with Nimari’s activities such as strength training & basketball practice. 

Once his school day ends around 3pm.3-4 times out of the week I’m getting g lammed up, & in the salon getting hair & makeup done. I attend & support various events thru out the city weekly. My typical week ends around 1am-2am and I’m back up the following day at 6 a.m. doing it all over again.

Briea: How has entrepreneurship affected your family dynamic? Does it allow you more quality time spend with loved ones?

NikkiEntrepreneurship has affected my family dynamic in a positive way. It allows me flexibility to move around, travel and be present for school functions, basketball trips as well as ample time to spend with family and friends.

Briea: You’ve built a huge brand around your apparel lines BasketballMom & HoopLegend. What would you say is the best social media platform to promote a business or product?


Nikki: Instagram is the best social media platform that works for my brand. It’s the new wave in new free advertisement and there’s no limit to how many followers you can have. 

Briea: While watching your reality tv show “Bringing Up Ballers” (Episode 3) it seemed to me that Johanna felt intimidated by your idea to hold a press conference to announce Nimari’s high school decision. Instead of being a supportive friend she was coming off as rude and envious. Do you think that people often mistake high confidence for arrogance? Why?


Yes, JoDrama definitely felt intimidated…I think mostly because she would have liked hold a press conference first, yet I beat her to it. 
She’s not supportive because she doesn’t know how to be a friend. 
She’s grown up to believe her shit don’t stank and it does so I’m that reminder & I bring her back to reality every chance I get. 
People definitely take my confidence for being cocky…
I have nothing to prove to those people.
If they don’t understand my antics & tactics…
That’s their problem…not mine.
Meanwhile I stay focused on what’s important which is building my brands, Elevating and taking care of my family! 
Nikki B. & Young Jeezy (Def Jam/CTE)
Briea: If you could give your 18 year old self advice based on what you know now, what would it be? (Name 3 tips)

Nikki: Figure out what you like to do and focus solely on that.

Don’t worry about what people say.

Stay focused on what & who’s important. 

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