I’m A Millennial….And I Hustle

It seems that Millennials take the cake when it comes to poor reputation.  We’ve become known as the generation that is lazy, distracted, and sitting around waiting for the best opportunities without putting in any of the work to deserve them.

Well, I’m here to advocate for my fellow Millennials, because I believe that this isn’t a generational flaw but rather a character flaw, that can be found within any generation.

However, speaking from the stance of being a Millennial, I can truly say many of us are out there hustling our asses off.  From living on our own, starting families later and having to provide for ourselves, under water from loan debts, having entrepreneurial spirits, grinding out multiple jobs, meeting constant demands for our careers, climbing the ladders, taking the vision further than the generation before.  We ARE the generation ofvisionand growthliving in a time that is more challenging to do so than ever before.

So, for my Millennials out there feeling the pressure and the pushback, this article is for you. Here are some ways to gracefully fight back against the slander, hustle harder, and level up.  Let’s show them what we came for!


Character and Class over Burnout and Bitterness

When people slight your work-ethic by generalizing and labeling, don’t get bitter, as much as you may want to. Instead, use it as fuel and motivation to do better.  Becoming bitter and resentful, shutting down your creativity as a response, will only empower the perception and harm you. Character and class is a dying art that needs to be revived.  You don’t need to accept what others are saying, but words are only words.  Your action will shout volumes for you. Therefore, make sure you are the hardest working person in any given space you are in, stay positive and lift others up, and remember what you are working so hard for.


Stay Passionate

I have to say, I believe the Millennial generation has a lot to share in terms of passion.  This is the first generation to create a real buzz around the idea of loving the work that is put out in the world.  It doesn’t mean you need to be resistant to starting at the bottom, doing the dirty work, or refusing work just because you aren’t passionate about it.  In fact, this is about doing just the opposite.  Using those lower tiered experiences to gain insight and build connections, to weed out what you like and don’t like, and to earn all that you gain. Nothing motivates a person more than striving to never go back to where he/she started. So, buckle up and be grateful for the ride, keep working hard, and one day you will have that well-deserved dream job.


Leave an Impression

The generation behind us is watching oureverymove and therefore it’s imperative to lead by example if we are looking to create a brighter future. We can do a vast amount when it comes to setting them up for success and collaborating on massive projects and visions. Every upcoming generation has been scaffolded by the generation prior; therefore, everything we are creating and the work ethic we are demonstrating will show the upcoming generation what is and is not okay.  Let’s set the bar high so that they can take things further than we ever could, that’s the goal! But it all begins today, in how we show up for ourselves and how we show up for others.


Keep hustlin’!