Let’s Talk About S….etting Boundaries, Baby

Setting boundaries is a topic we hear so much about yet has one of the lowest follow through rates. We FEAR setting boundaries for a multitude of reasons, from how people will perceive our attitudes to our work ethic. However, those who truly love and respect you will not change their perception of you for doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. If you don’t set healthy boundaries within your relationships, careers, and personal obligations you will quickly drown under demands and lack of energy. Your emotional, mental, and physical well-being are the ultimate trio that you should protect with everything you have because they will be your lifelines through life’s daily stressors and struggles.

Wondering where to start? Here are some simple but immensely powerful realms.

1. Disengage from nonsense. You know, that feeling inside that is telling you that person, place, or thing isn’t right for you? Yet, you STILL make the time in your busy schedule for it. You know the one. Time to reclaim your power by no longer making the time for it. That’s right. The energy you invest will come full force back in your direction; therefore, it is essential that it is being invested into the right things. There is no time for fillers and “what ifs.” Get clear and get certain about what DESERVES your time.

2. Stop putting yourself last. Sure, we all have families, friends, and careers that demand our attention every second of every day. We love these people/places and want to be our best selves and show our love and passion. But let me ask you, how can you do that if you are consistently putting yourself last? If you aren’t checking in with yourself and scheduling that time at that gym class you love, or making that healthy meal you crave, or sticking to your morning routine that gets you ready for the day– then how can you be in a headspace to be there fully for others? It’s time that you make yourself a priority so that you can continue showering others in that same love and radiance.

3. Don’t fight for attention. If you aren’t exchanging a mutual energy with the receiver of your time and attention, then stop giving it away so freely. I see this so often, and find myself guilty of it, too. I will prioritize things/people that hardly put me first. It’s exhausting and frustrating on all levels, to say the least. The best approach is to calmly communicate how you’re feeling in order to raise awareness between both parties. But if it still continues beyond that communication, as painful as it may be, it’s time to silently slip away and focus on your own goals and needs.

Remember, everything good comes from intention and love. So always set boundaries from a place of. It’s important that you self-reflect often and check in with your energy levels to see what’s draining you and lifting you up most. This is a clear indication of what deserves most of your attention, and vice versa. Clarity is key.