Take Notez from Ms.Adonnica “Notez” Genon Moore on being a Superstar Photographer!

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Before we dive into today’s great Q&A interview with on the rise superstar photographer, Ms.Adonnica “Notez” Genon Moore, or better addressed as simply, “Notez” from Detroit, Michigan. I first would like to take a bit of time to address how I initially connected with Notez. The story is truly fascinating & something straight out of a Vh1 Behind the music plot.

Notez is part of a collective called OBOV (One Breathe One Vision) that hails from Detroit Michigan but extended their roots & grind into ATL, GA & Winter Park, FL alongside her partner, artist/songwriter, Jordan River, on the quest to stardom & bringing their message to the world/masses.  Both OBOV & I had a mutual connection & common interest which lead us to each other.

The mutual ground was that both parties had a genuine respect & interest for Atlantic/Tsunami Mob recording artist, Kehlani, & were both in brief communication with the famous superstar artist around the release of her first mixtape, “Cloud 19”, long before her star propelled into the international spotlight.  It was simply a graphic design that “Notez” did of Kehlani at the time, which I thought was dope, & lead me to reaching out to her & her team.  Close to 3 years later we all have impacted each other lives so greatly, & are practically inseparable  with the common goal of becoming legends in the entertainment industry between us all.

Now fast forwarding to the present, “Notez”, work ethic is undeniable to the industry, & she has achieved a lot in a short time span. Having shot for G-Eazy & PartyNextDoor (PND) on select tour dates, there are endless possibilities from where Notez career can go from here.  I hope everyone enjoys this interview & gains  as much insight from it as I did. Special thanks to Girlmuch.com CEO, Ms.Briea Chanel for taking the time to conduct the interview with me. Without further ado, I present to everyone, Notez….

Briea Chanel: How long have you been a photographer?
Notez: I’ve been using cameras since the age of three; I always had a urge to take photos and capture things from my perspective.
Briea Chanel:  Where is your hometown?
Notez:  I was born and raised in Detroit, MI.
Briea Chanel: How old are you?
Notez: I’m 23 years old (recently turned 23 on January 5th 2017)
Notez 23rd birthday cake presented by OBOV
Briea Chanel:  At what point in your life did you come to the realization that you were destined to become an Entrepreneur?
Notez: I’ve been knowing that my purpose is too be an Entrepreneur forever; I’ve never wanted to work a 9-5 and have always  wanted to be my own Boss.
Briea Chanel: Explain what the Art of Photography means to you?
Notez: In my eyes, the Art of Photography is expressing how you feel, what you see, what you hear, and go through in life with photos. It’s showing people what life is truly like through your eyes; painting a picture visually.. Photography just like music, is an escape.
Briea Chanel:  Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years?
Notez: In 5 years, I see myself being one of the greatest most influential Female Photographers known.  Who knows what I’ll be doing, and shooting for.
Briea Chanel:  How did you get your start in the industry?
Notez:  I got my start in the industry by doing $50 photo shoots and working with local music artists/clothing companies and models.
I did behind the scenes videos for my Models photo shoots, which really helped me to gain exposure.
Briea Chanel: Are you picky about the clients you choose to work with? How do you undergo that process?

Notez: I honestly decided whether or not I would like to work with someone based off the vibe, and energy I get from this person; the energy you allow into your life and business will reflect on who you are as a person, and I take that serious.
Briea Chanel: What projects are you currently working on?
Notez: One with Vans to show the different Lifestyles of those who wear vans. That includes models, dancers, skateboarders, & children. I’m also going to be working on a project this spring to show off different shades of women, different ethnicities, & the objective for this project is too inspire women to be confident in their skin, to love themselves, & not to be afraid of this world and go after their dreams.
Briea Chanel:  Out of all of your accomplishments, which are the ones you are most proud of?
Notez: I’m extremely proud of myself for leaving the city; it wasn’t until I went back the first time after moving that I started to really take pride in the fact that I’m a true Detroit – Native; and this makes me stand out. I’m also proud of myself for continuing on this entrepreneurship path, and working with my team ( OBOV ) has helped me too  stay focused and not give up.  I’m also proud of myself for have being published in various magazines, building relationships with music artists and models… and continuing hard at my dreams a reality.
Briea Chanel:  Which kind of camera do you use the most? Lens?
Notez:  I usually shoot with my Canon 5DMark2 and prefer not to say which lens, its customized to fit my shooting style.
Briea Chanel:  How would you describe your style of photography?
Notez:  I describe my style of photography as Original. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using cameras since the age of three. I always wanted to bring the concepts I would see in my mind to life….
Briea Chanel:  Do you feel that formal education is necessary to become a photographer? Why?

Notez:  I disagree with the fact that Formal Education is necessary to be considered a “Real” Photographer. I never envisioned Formal Education as part of my journey in life; everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.

Briea Chanel: Do you use social media platforms to promote your endeavors? Where can we find more of your work online?
Notez: I  do use social media platforms to promote my work, and you can find more of my work at therealnotez.tumblr.com (my official TAKENOTEZ website will be dropping Spring 2017).
Donnel: How did it feel on your most recent trip in LA shooting for Def Jam artist Earl Saint Clair & LA’s rising star Mickey Taelor (www.mickeytaelor.com)
Notez: Hello Donnel, my recent trip too LA was great; very inspirational and gave me a lot of momentum for the year. Shooting with Earl St. Clair and Mickey Taylor was a great experience, I felt very happy at the fact I was shooting in Los Angeles; a dream come true
Donnel: How was the experience of shooting for Redbull down at Afropunk ATL fest?


GoldLink x Notez performance shot Afropunk ATL
Notez: Shooting for Red Bull during Afropunk ATL was a great experience as well; I had the chance to meet Gold Link and get some shots of him performing. I never heard of Gold Link until the event , so I was very impressed and loves his music!
Donnel: Can you explain your relationship with DJ Ohsoxo?
Notez: I actually became acquainted with DJ Ohso in February of 2016; I was in the process of planning my first Art Exhibition “A TAKENOTEZ ART EXPERIENCE” and needed a good DJ… Someone told me about how great she was with the turntables so I decided to contact her; a good 7 months later we reconnected and had a photo shoot for Diamond Supply Co. and H33M Inc clothing brands.
Donnel: Can you tell us how you connected with LA Reid’s son, Aaron Reid?
Notez: I connected with Aaron Reid while shooting with WhoKR for the day in Atlanta. Aaron and me have yet to get a photo session in, but it will happen this year!
Donnel: If you could shoot in any location around the world , name your top 3?
Notez: If I could shoot anywhere in the world it would have to be Detroit, LA, and Tokyo.
Donnel: Can you tell us more about your relationship with Marisa & State of the Art Atlanta?
Notez: I actually met Marissa during A3C weekend after one of her performances; she asked for me to come out and get footage of her Christmas Carol Fundraiser performance. We’ll definitely be working together this year because I love her music and brand.
Donnel: What is your relationship with the festival A3C?
Notez: I emailed A3C when I found out about the festival and sent some of my work, and experience to be one of the Official A3C Photographers and they responded within a weeks time saying they’d love for me to be apart of this years event. Getting news that was a great feeling.
Donnel: I heard you have some famous celebrities that follow you. Can you name a few for us?
Dreezy & Notez backstage in Chicago
Notable followers of Notez
Notez: Yes! Many celebrities and major brands follow me; Dreezy, KeKe Palmer, Sledgren, DimePieceLA, GirlGaze (TeenVogue), and many more.
Donnel: Who and/or what influenced your style behind the camera ?
Notez: I’m inspired by many high-end fashion brands like Gucci and Michael Khors, and one photographer that really inspires me is Laura Mars.. I love not only her work, but her aesthetic as a business a woman.
Ms.Adonnica “Notez” Genon Moore
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