Meet the Emerging Songstress from Brooklyn NY Megan Rochelle

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From the church choir to a record label, Megan Rochelle knew from her early childhood that she would amaze the world with her voice. Megan Rochelle is an American singer and songwriter from Brooklyn New York. She was formerly signed to Def Jam Records and a 5-time winner on Showtime at the Apollo. Megan’s debut album, “You, Me and the Radio” featured collaborations from Rodney JerkinsNe-YoFabolousthe Underdogs, and Stargate. She was discovered by Nathan Morris (of Boyz II Men) and signed personally by LA Reid. Megan sat down with GirlMuch.com and told us about her journey as an R&B artist and what she’s up to today!


What was your musical background that led to you to being a consecutive winner at Showtime at the Apollo, starting at the age of 5?


I grew up singing in the church, which ultimately helped polish my vocal skills. I practiced daily and would also sing in school talent shows. Finally after years of dedication I snagged a spot on SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO at age 11


What was your relationship with Nathan Morris (Of Boys II Men) & L.A. Reid like? How did you end up IMG_1167getting signed to Nathan Morris management company?


Nathan Morris was the one who believed in my potential and decided to walk me through the process of getting a deal. He took me to see a good friend of his, Mr. LA REID, and I went from singing an acapella to being signed to the label. It was a dream come true to know and work with both of them! I signed onto Nathan’s company Adlib Ent at the same time.


What was the backstory that led you to meeting Philadelphia’s International Leon Huff (who essentially introduced you to Nathan Morris)?


Leon huff and I met on the hum bug in Philadelphia one day where we introduced ourselves as musicians. Soon after we were in the studio everyday working. I met Nathan shortly after this on a separate encounter.


Are you still with Teamhunc Mgmt and if not what happened with that management situation?


I am no longer affiliated with Teamhunc management nor was I ever officially signed to the company. They rendered help with a few projects and I took it from there.


You were an artist at Def Jam around the time Jay-Z was President of the label helping launch artists like Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Teairra Marie, among many others. How was your relationship with Jay-Z and your other label mates although L.A. Reid signed you?


Jay-Z and I had a cordial relationship that I wish I had taken the time to nurture considering he was the president at that time. 
How was the recording process for your hit single, “The One You Need” and working with artist, Fabolous? At what point did you realize this record was going to take off for you?


Recording the one u need was living a dream. I had the pleasure of working with thee Rodney Jerkins and vocal producer Lashawn Daniels. They really pushed me to my fullest potential and I totally respected and appreciated that. Once I found out Fab was getting on the record I was like Uh Oh! Brooklyn stand up lol. I didn’t realize how big the record would become because I was living in the moment.


In your opinion why do you feel your debut album, “You, Me, & The Radio” was never released by Def Jam?


IMG_1168You, me & the radio in my opinion wasn’t officially released because of the shift that occurred within the label and also the change of climate with music. The intensity died down and I became less of the priority.
Do you still keep in touch with Ne-Yo/ Star Gate/ Rodney Jerkins/The Underdogs (All Contributors to, “You, Me, & The Radio” )


Yes I keep in contact with some of them through social media.
A lot of people might not be aware of collaborations between you and artists such as; GhostfaceKilla, Method Man, & Peedi Crack. How did these perspective collaborations come about?


The collaborations were all based on a right studio right time basis


You’ve also had interactions with R&B singer, Monica in your past. Years later, what is the relationship between you & Monica like? If you could express something to her, what would it be?


Monica and I had a spat via Twitter that spawned out of control. She was offended by my comment and in hindsight I can say it was a very immature statement I made. We ran into each other a little while after and patched it up. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since but if I can say one thing to her it would be I hope that one day we can work together!


How did the record, “Pussyland” come about? It seemed like a song that happened in between the transitions from your Def Jam situation to the present. Tell us more about this!


Pussyland was another happenstance type of thing. Someone had made a call on my behalf to be apart of this project with Patricia Kennedy.
Let’s fast forward a bit to the present. Can you tell me about your new set of single releases, “Hell Nah”, “I’m Busy”, & “LockSmith”. What was the creative inspiration  behind these records? What prompted their releases after such a long hiatus from the music industry?


HELL NAH was inspired by true life events and I deemed it necessary to share the message not just by releasing the song but visually exposing the reality that women go through everyday. It was just time to get that off my chest.       -IM BUSY is my PSA to all the folks who were concerned on my whereabouts and place in the music.                                     -LOCKSMITH is a record I had in the archive that I simply wanted to share for healing purposes for both myself and the listeners
What are some things you wish were still present in R&B music? How has it changed? How has your sound changed over time?


R&B has changed significantly. It’s as if it has transcended into hiphop. I look forward to bringing back the healing element of what R&B use to offer. My sound has changed dramatically based on production and the trend of music. I’m having fun with it!


Give me the best (most memorable) moment of your career & your biggest regret (if any at all)?


The most memorable moment of my career was being overseas and being embraced by the people. Such a strong appreciation for the music there. I honestly don’t have any regrets because any mistakes I made were all lessons that had to be learned.
Are there any major records in the cut we haven’t heard before? Can we expect a new Megan Rochell project in the near future? (EP and/or LP)


Yes! I have plenty of records unheard that will eventually make it on the radar. I am working diligently on several projects to give all my supporters what they deserve.  You should be expecting an EP sometime in the fall season
Any advice for women aspiring in music and the entertainment industry at a young age?


The best advice I can give young women entering the business is HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS. Know what you want & your worth DONT GET CAUGHT UP with standards or expectations & YOU WILL WIN!


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