LA Brand Strategist & Influencer Miss Diddy

First of all, if you are unaware of who Miss Diddy is I’m not sure where you’ve been the past few years. She’s the only woman promoter in Hollywood who’s bridging the gap between the music industry and branding + promotions. She IS a business. She’s never not working. Miss Diddy is also the Founder of The Brand Group LA, My Studio 84, and The People Group Inc. She’s taught me so much about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and I definitely recommend you meet her and study her as a mentor. I’m so blessed to have a good enough relationship with her that she took the time to give me her thoughts on business and social media. Keep scrolling to read!



1. What are your go-to marketing strategies when you’re building your Instagram following and engagement?

MD: My Go-To Marketing strategies really boil down to being yourself, keep the strongest level of authenticity when engaging socially because we can never be so arrogant to believe that the consumer is fooled. I take my consumer serious, I respect them, I honor them, so I am my most authentic self with them. Although my life is public, I am a private person so I also control the narrative, what I choose to release is just that and I own that position. 


2. What is the number one reason millennials are choosing entrepreneurship?

MD: I believe the number one reason is that we’re the “Fearless” generation. We’re the Generation that the World has been waiting to See. We are the Information Age, so we see something and understand that it’s a lot more tangible than possibly the generation prior may see it to be. Now, make no mistake, our prior generations are the reason that we’re able to stand in the rooms we’re in and sit at the tables we frequent, but, we’re Bold, Fearless and Relentless, well some of us. Lol. 


3. What are 3 reasons people choose not to follow their dreams?

MD: Fear can be a serious strong hold and so can the act of being comfortable. Not perceiving God as BIG as he really is can hold you back. Other people’s expectation of you can hold you.


4. What are your best tips to building a strong social media presence? 

MD: I believe some of the best tips are creating a specific niche , mastering it and sticking to it. Being patient, listening to the people, the streets, the culture – they will never Lie. 


5. Has becoming an Instagram Influencer changed your lifestyle in any way? If so how? 

MD: Hmmmm lifestyle, Not per say, I’ve always Lived THIS Life Style LOL, this lifestyle that I created for myself afforded me to become an Instagram Influencer.


6. Where’s the best place to start if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur?

MD: Start with researching and being a student of the game FIRST. Waking up early, being ahead of the curve, and having a clean heart. 


7. What is your perspective being your own boss? What are the pros? Cons?

MD: Perspective, there’s a lot of pressure but there’s great rewards. The ability to literally have an idea and watch it come to fruition and make money is the most powerful feeling in the world, I think so at least. 


8. Do you think it’s better to use a digital camera or iPhone when posting photo and video content on Instagram?

MD: Always have clean content. Invest in yourself, I spend so much money in marketing meaning photography etc. Be your biggest and greatest investment. 


9. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

MD: Brave. Beautiful. Strong.


10. What is your advice on how to land brand sponsorships as an Instagram Influencer?

MD: If you build it, they will come.


You can find Miss Diddy on Instagram & Twitter.




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