OWN the new decade with 3 keys to success

By Marina Sinden

Welcome to 2020, a new DECADE of your life! If you’ve let New Years pass you by in the past, if you’ve made big goals and let them go, if you’ve found reasons to push aside your healing and joy, this message is for you. This year is more than just another New Years celebration, it’s a new decade of your life. You’re old enough to own your future and too old to let it pass you by any longer. Ready to step in to your power? Here are 3 keys to owning the next decade:

1.Get Real

Photo by Sierra Selene www.sierraselene.com

Your authenticity is your AuthenticiKEY to success. Inside each and every one of us is a dazzling god/dess of authenticity- your inner Authentess. This is who you are at a base level, your realest self. Over our lives layers of hurt, fear and shame cover up that brilliant light and dull us to our inner compass. The result? We live out of fear of failure, rejection and loss instead of out of passion and vision. We don’t live authentically. The struggle is real.

Another blinder we can’t avoid is our programming. Meaning the beliefs and values were raised with and immersed in. That could be your family, your culture, your region, your friend circle or even your media you consume. You are so literally a product of your environment that it’s crazy how much we are affected from a single change of outside influence. All these factors affect your life plan, choices, the person you choose to be or not be. It’s time to reconnect with your Self and find what you really want and who you truly want to be.

To be able to access your deep authenticity can be a bit tricky because you need to fully examine those thoughts and how they form your life. Try taking a step back and looking at your life from a zoomed out lens. Who would you be if you could not fail and would never be shamed or judged? What would you do with your life? Re-examine right and wrong, re-examine expectations and find your core values, passions and dreams underneath. What you will find beneath that patterning, is you. Authentic you. All your true dreams, true beliefs and true goals. Your Authentess.

Tip: Breathwork is a powerful tool to access your authentic self. Find 10 minutes to be alone and breathe deeply in and out through your nose visualizing what this authentic self and life looks like.

2.Curate your Collection

Now that you’ve found your inner Authentess, it’s time to address your collection. What collection? Everything you’ve amassed this last decade (or lifetime). Try to imagine your world like a capsule wardrobe, essential pieces that bring you joy and nothing remaining that is just ok. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and unhappy not because we lack anything, but because we are overburdened.

This can look like clutter in your home and space or holding on to items that aren’t useful or joyful. It can look like holding on to detrimental, unbalanced relationships that keep you in cyclical drama. It can look like you holding on to damaging mental patterns and beliefs about yourself that shackle you to live without confidence and power. Is your job supporting you or holding you back? Are the ties to highschool friends healthy? Is the way you eat or care for your body just a learned pattern or a conscious lifestyle choice for your gallery?

Take a full inventory of your collection and decide its time to start a toss pile or a donate bag!

Tip: Create a vision board by clipping or printing images and words that reflect the life you want in the next decade. Show how your life blooms when the excess and the negative disappear. Bye Felicia!

3. Burn

The last step in owning the next 10 years is to look for the parts of yourself you don’t see as wonderful. The parts of your personality that you criticize. The things that are not going to go away, they’re you. These traits, are they really negative ones? Do they hurt others? Do they hurt you? Or are they really just parts of yourself you haven’t embraced?

Imagine a world where you celebrated these truths, would people you love run? Would you be less loveable? Do you really think that minimizing your true self is bringing the best situations and relationships into your life?

I thought negatively about my intensity for a long time- it separated me but it made me kick butt running a business. I downplayed my accomplishments, my focus and my interests when I socialized so I wouldn’t be intimidating or awkward. This year I finally realized that the piece of me I thought didn’t fit was my actual superpower! Consider if some of those pieces for you can be looked at through another lens and transmuted into points of pride instead of shame. Imagine what you can gain from the parts you silence and push back!

Now step into the glow of your true self and light a blaze! Own your fire! Assessing your superpowers means you can harness them and make it your greatest asset. Lead with them. Be known through them. Let your natural abilities bring you bounty and let them attract the right people and situations to you while they repel all that is not.

You are a blazing, amazing powerhouse god/dess of authenticity. An authentess. 

Work through these 3 keys and give yourself some real time to accomplish them. Next, head over to my IG @authentess to get your very own FREE 2020 vision planner and lead the next decade of your life through that perfectly flawed, beautiful you. 

Marina Sinden is a serial entrepreneur & business educator with courses covering digital content, mindset and starve-up hacks. She empowers solo-preneurs to actualize now and creates free downloads to up your IG game. Want in on the freebies? Click here for VIP access!