Meet Chey Parker: Media Personality & Everything Girls Love Editor in Chief!

This week we are featuring the ambitious and multi-talented Chey Parker! This girl does it all! Not only is she the Editor in Chief of entertainment mogul Yandy Smith’s magazine/website Everything Girls Love, she also works as a media personality for radio and TV and not to mention she DJs! This 23 year old, Howard University grad also owns her own blog, IAmCheyParker.com where she shares her style, fashion tips, EGL events and updates on her current projects! Briea Chanel, media correspondent for GirlMuch.com was able to get an exclusive interview with Chey and she gives us some insight on what it takes to work in the entertainment industry! Check it out below!


Briea Chanel: What’s a typical day in the life of Chey Parker?

Chey Parker: A typical day in the life of Chey is never the same! A lot of folks don’t know that I also do media relations for The Humane Society of the United States. So my mornings usually consist of coffee/tea, a workout and meditation to clear my mind, and checking emails. Some days I may work with reporters all day, or I may be conducting interviews. Other days I could be DJing or doing a radio show. It just really all depends on the day, which I love! Sometimes things can get routine-like, but then sometimes things can get crazy and super spontaneous.

BC: What do your responsibilities consist of being the Editor-In-Chief of Everything Girls Love? 


CP: As Editor-in-Chief of EGL much of my responsibility is dedicated to making sure my team is tight and they have what they need to do the best job they can. I edit every piece that goes in the blog or in the magazine, and I’m very hands on in making sure everything is cohesive, we meet deadlines and we’re seen as a credible source for all different types of news. I also work with all of my editors to create content and I try my best to facilitate any ideas they have or new projects they want to take on. I’ve learned through this job that being a leader is very much of being a servant.


“Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want it, GO GET IT and don’t stop until you get it.”


BC: When did you first begin working for EGL?


CP: I first began working for EGL my junior year of college at Howard University. I started out as managing editor and within a few months, was promoted to Editor-in-Chief.
Chey Parker and Yandy Smith at the Women In Higher Education Seminar

BC: What is it like working with Yandy Smith and what are some key words of advice she’s given you? 


CP: Yandy is amazing and she’s truly taught me so much, not only about the industry but life in general. Some of her best words of advice she’s given me is if you don’t hustle, you don’t eat. Very simple, but so true for just life! You have to work super hard no matter what in order to reach success. That hard work never stops no matter how old you get or what level of success you reach. And I think that’s kinda the beauty in life.


BC: You get to interview so many people as a media correspondent and producer, are there any celebrity interviews that stand out the most? Why? 


CP: I definitely have to say that my interviews with Mona Scott Young and Claudette Ortiz were two of my best. Things just got so deep and real and I loved that they could open up the most personal side of themselves to share with me. Doing these interviews, you always learn something and I strive to embrace those things that I learn. I have to say that those to interviews were unique in that I still carry things from them to this day.


BC: You also have your own blog, IAmCheyParker.com. What is the main focus and who is your main audience?


CP: I try to cater my content to the everyday girl who’s just trying to conquer the world. That’s how I like to describe myself. I try not to focus to much on selling an idea or particular theme. I’m just myself. I do a lot of strict content developing with EGL, so with my own blog, I try to focus it more so on me and my career journey, the simple things in life, some of my more personal moments, and just things I like and enjoy. I never really thought folks were interested in getting to know me personal. I was always so focused on spitting out dope, informative but engaging content. Now, I’m learning that people are interested in me and want to see that personal side too.




BC: You’re a very multi-talented person! Would you say that your love of DJing came with being an on-air radio personality or were you always into making music and turning the tables?


CP: My love for DJing DEFINITELY was sparked by being an on-air radio personality. My main reason for DJing starting out was to make myself more marketable and well-rounded as a personality, but I fell in absolute love with it. I don’t showcase it as much, because it’s still very dear to my heart. I’m sensitive about a lot of things and DJing is one of those things. I’m just trying to learn everything I can without the pressure of always getting everything right the first time. It’s what I love about the art form.


BC: If you could give any piece of advice on making moves in the entertainment industry, what would it be?


CP: I’m still learning things myself, but I would have to say just be yourself. Whatever is meant for you is always going to be for you. No one can take that away from you. When you can be yourself, you’re saying that no matter what, I’m always going to be able to say with confidence that I stayed true. People appreciate you so much more when you’re genuine. And when you make moves, it’s like, “I really did that. All by myself. Just doing what I love, not caring about opinions and still being great.” I would also say, stay consistent and work hard. Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want it, GO GET IT and don’t stop until you get it.


Keep Up With Chey on Instagram (@IAmCheyParker) & Twitter (@iamCheyParker)

Briea is a small girl from Chicago with big dreams. Born out of her passion for media and blogging, Girlmuch.com was launched in 2009.

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